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tempestad // not again
Caen las hojas del árbol a la tierra—
cruzada por la suerte, embrujada
por luz—y muere la flor marchitada,
esperando hasta el verano cierra.
Este incendio forestal me salva,
y tienen toda la dulzura de miel
las cicatrices debajo de mi piel.
Pero es mi alma verde, o malva?
Ahora la luna me deja en paz con
el mar tan tranquilo, tan violento.
Duermo baja las estrellas porque son
mentiras los susurros halagüeños.
Discúlpame por dejar y lo siento
por la pérdida de cientos de sueños.
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 8 4
ghost flavor
advice from a lifeless girl:
don't ever tell someone "i hope all your
dreams come true."
that would be cruel, you know.
nightmares are dreams too.
i don't have nightmares, actually.
since i've given up my dreams, the world is
clockwork. iron but rusted. gold silver
bronze, in need of a polish.
6:59 am. roaring cars. the sunrise and
static sky prod me a little bit awake.
12:45 am. crickets and howling dogs. my
gaze throws itself into the darkness and
doesn't return.
4:03 pm. i stare at the blank walls and
they stare back.
i test the words on my tongue.
i'm not human. i'm not human. i'm not
human? i'm not

a voice grabs me by the shoulders and
you haven't given up on creation. you still
bake cakes every sunday and play music
for strangers.
on the inside, i'm shades of crimson, like
on the out, i'm black gray purple and
green, swear to all your friends i'm the
most haunted girl you've ever seen.
on paper, i'm everything they want.
i no longer know what i want.
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 21 16
word play / happy birthday by PatchworkLynx word play / happy birthday :iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 9 8 and the earth breathes and beckons by PatchworkLynx and the earth breathes and beckons :iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 9 0 woven contrails by PatchworkLynx woven contrails :iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 7 3
i cupped my hand around the flame and
                 raised it to my lips like water
it's a self-igniting prophecy:
there's nothing more dangerous
than a girl with a plan
unless she already has a
match in her hand
             when i dream i swear it's different
       i'm a softer writer in a world of winter
                                     smoke and sugar
and it breaks in waking to something bitter
summer tastes like strawberry kisses,
a sunset voice she misses in violet;
but her love is always the forests and seas
emerald leaves, sapphire and skylit
i paused one day and murmured to the walls,
                                 "there are spiderwebs
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 38 17
i am turning hollow.
staring into the mirror's image,
          i am left by the
             war / raw 
        down to my bones
  and there was a fight which
            i won / now i
    am thrown out of a home
what the hell's going on—
     can someone tell me, please?
her name makes her a queen of light:
quantum entanglement
to the universe's dilemma,
shadows locking around her feet
and feather-imprinted stones beneath
when i'm up against / the echo in the mirror
but you don't really care for music, do you?
it's a cold and it's a broken wish for freedom;
she raises a trembling finger to her lips.
i'm gonna run away now / and never look back
but i have these memories,
the taste of
metal in her mouth, wounded words
and the truth:
i always look. i always look.
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 28 26
Following in Mosaic Footsteps
        Rasheed wouldn't tell anyone his last name.
        He knew it would make him stand out, as much as he didn't know the strange feeling of being a foreigner in the place he was born—until now. He needed to discover what his adoptive English father either didn't know or couldn't tell.
        The dry wind carried up dust from the road. A sparrow perched on the fence cocked its head at him, then jumped to the ground, seeking refuge from the Palestinian sun.
        "Five days," he said aloud. Five days remaining to find answers about his family.
        He stepped over deep-rutted tire tracks in the road and turned west, his eyes seeking out the beautiful minaret that rose above the roofs of the city. Few would take kindly to a boy his age wandering the streets alone, but he prayed no one would stop him.
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 12 12
toxicology // anthology
"you can't hear your heart pumping,
you can only hear the doors closing."

nightshade and hemlock
they had opened a window to the storm.
it rained the day she
stepped foot inside a clearing,
vertigo and photophobia
the portrait of twilight sleep.
solana, there goes the next.
she turned at the sound. looked
all around, at nothing but
found nothing but earth and the
roots against her skin
                                  and then
the belladonna singing in her sweet, venom voice—
    blind as a bat, red as a beet,
    hot as a hare, dry as a bone

she scrambled to her feet.
    mad as a hatter, bloated as a toad
impossible, impossible;
she fell to her knees.
    and the heart runs alone
through rime-coated double vision
were her own
crooked fingers reaching for dark dusty berries
imprisoned behind the serrated lea
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 43 20
to bury me
go without a compass until you find the clocktower.
"I don't want to know if I still have a home.
It's not home if it's all gone."

.    the university
he overheard in the laboratory that it would be another year.
extended semesters,
        he was thinking that maybe midnight is a misnomer, that
nothing is quite like the library at 2 AM,
 a study in silhouette of the shapes outside the window
            simply the statues of weeping angels
   standing guard over sufi tombs.
from sunrise to sunset, through daybreak and fireflies,
he studied neurology in an excerpt from
    the dream journal, writing a thesis on afterthoughts
and flower pots.
.    the soccer field
the foxgloves grew beneath a million jewels of sunlight.
students sprinting like dama gazelle,
hitting goals and grass stains
he admitted that there's delight in me that's
not yet dead.
  he recalled knotting his shoelace
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 25 7
only the undefined are infinite
not anymore.
as we approach the start/finish line, i turn on an axis of my own making.
i bleed into language like a storm lets rain, untamed, bound by none.
when we're gone, they'll tell stories about us, and it will all begin like this.
they are a definition unto themselves.
on that first day of classes
they asked me what my religion was—
i smirked and said,
differential calculus.

because i wonder about the slope of your cheekbones, the curvature of your hands in every vase of flowers you've carried and all the notebooks you've filled up. there's nothing heretical about this, loving girls as much as boys and only wanting to be their best friend. wanting, with all my being. there's nothing improper about it but they tell me i'm wrong anyway.
eventually, at some critical point, i learn to stop caring.
coincidence, perfect coincidence, that black-gray-purple are the colors i choose to dress in, that pink and blue were the first colors of pain
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 43 43
dama gazelle
sister addra,
the low rumble of thunder is here.
graceful jumping, running,
running racing flying over the ghazal-sung gold land
it's hunger or hunter faced all alone;
trade the swiftness and disappear.
fangs and claws, hooves and horns,
bones for trophies
painted with shotgun carcasses
a notice riddled with bullet holes reads:
'extinct in the wild'
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 19 0
you would have loved me.
                  ​ivory ink skinned,
      delicate lavender and chamomile
         braided helix into her stygian hair,
  desert roses at the aethereal curves of her shoulders.
there's something so soft about summer mornings.
and like magic, i can write again.
i'm twisting my hands around a staff of acacia,
trailing in the path of nomads and vague directions
intended to an oasis, surrounded
with blooming cacti and the prettiest mirages.
i'll say i was lost on purpose.
scarlet scarf around your head, playing the cithara
that you stole from a soldier,
your boots kicked the sand up and i laughed.
found you, little red, and you found me.
did you know the dunes breathe with oak lungs? that the
    stars at nightfall seem to shoot towards earth?
              that timber wolves are not
 what they appear?
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 31 23
rubble and rust
stones crumbled to dust
in the aftershock static
pierce tear-stained skin and
ash-streaked ribcages, leaving
eyes without hope nor magic
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 22 13
​paper-thin warning wings
veined with oleandrin:
it's april and foul play is
flaying open daffodils already,
bordereau to all the
milkweed and
heart arresting
faking the cardenolides and flashing it,
not vibrant venom but
internalized malignancy; they know
it's a grimace or a grin.
(mark and recapture)
heights seasonal/illegal
migration is not the same as fleeing,
something more than flight.
foliage soft and fresh, chrysalis
on asclepias curassavica
nectar corridors outside the
santuary city,
they survive like monarch butterflies.
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 25 17
and everything echoes in these mirrorless halls
it looks like rain behind the windows,
though he knows better than that.
bookish girl,
i have uncommon reasons for studying
architecture; i want to be
at every angle
the skin is not canvas
acid d.i.s.s.o.l.v.i.n.g
his bones and pre-
ci            ta
(looking for the answers in the pouring rain)
i know the smell of chlorhexidine
like she never would
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 13 4


Big kitty small kitty by sandara Big kitty small kitty :iconsandara:sandara 3,658 97 sea legs by CanvasConstellations sea legs :iconcanvasconstellations:CanvasConstellations 15 0 speedpaint #104 by Sylar113 speedpaint #104 :iconsylar113:Sylar113 753 24 Inktober#8 2017 by TrollGirl Inktober#8 2017 :icontrollgirl:TrollGirl 188 4
another kind of suicide.
heartache is prominent in quaking shoulders
when i think about could, should & would be's. 
idealistic in spirit, cynical in soul; i know it is
better not to inhale these kinds of toxins but
i am too hopefully stubborn and obsessed with
possibilities. there is purity in such aspects when
seen in other people but when i see them in myself,
i feel no different from oil spill casualties. this is
the kind of poison that takes and leaves no survivors.
— i think i might be (cr/d)ying.
:iconhalotrix:halotrix 5 1
when stardust became soil
i dream in the green space.
my fingers are cold
but my heart is warm,
and ivy grows around my ankles,
telling me,
you can stay here.
you are safe.
you are loved.

it took me a long time to realize
that it's okay to have roots:
it means you're growing.
frost will sugarcoat my bones
just to hold me together,
but i am learning how to build fires
without burning people,
even me.
sparks still fizzle on my eyelashes,
but i can see through them now;
sometimes the stars will blind you
and sometimes they'll lead the way.
i used to think the galaxy held all the answers
but now i look for them here.
a lot of the time,
things are closer than you thought they'd be.
i look up at the sky
and over to the treeline
and down to the soil.
i take a breath.
i dream.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 24 15
it doesn't hit you like a freight train in the
dark but it seeps into your bones through
the pores in your skin
it dawns on you like the first day of spring,
and lifts you up like a child, twirling you in
endless circles and laughter and rapture
you'll see the world differently;
you'll find yourself smiling despite all the little
disasters of your life.
let it in.
:iconquixoi:quixoi 16 7
the work of september
months have passed in gray trails
of smoke. the summer fades in shades of gold
washed with amber, and i find time for the fall
amidst moments of solitude.
weeks have passed in a blur-like wave, crashing over me
to leave me searching for surface;
the calendar moves on with
an invisible hand.
in the night i find silence, in the night i find the loneliness
i fight to conquer, the dark thoughts like snakes twining around my legs
up my abdomen,
crawling in the crevasses of my ribs.
i find fear in the soft moments of
pre-dawn, in the seconds before the sun
rises its face to the sky to give birth to the newest day.
one minute may be hours but one day is a moment, i stand
resolute as the world swirls in vaporous emotions around my mind.
the nights have not been filled with stars, as the days have not
been blessed with peace.
the year is coming to a close
with minutes ticking down my spine, each notch a memory, each memory
a resolution in fighting for tomorrow.
i have found hope in the moments,
:iconkhaimin:Khaimin 17 5
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Some fandoms I'm into are all the books, shows, and games listed under "Interests." I wrote a novel (not published yet) two years ago and I'm also working on its sequel, and if you'd like to hear about it, do ask. Thanks for visiting!

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